I have created this blog for sedevacantists interested in becoming Third Order Carmelites.  I am a mother, writer and resource specialist.  I have a devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux, Patroness of Missions who was a discalced Carmelity.

I do not know if I myself will become a Third Order Carmelity; and if I do it will probably be many years from now as my children are still young and I have many responsibilities.

But, I have seen a need for Third Order Carmelites.  I have over the years met many traditional Catholics interested in joining a Third Order of Carmelites.  Fr. Vincent Bowes, Carmelite in Boston though has not had the resources to start such a wide scale endeavor.

Since this autumns, myself, Ines Wagner and Kamil Bajdak (Founder of Miserentissimus http://miserentissimus.ning.com) have been discussing with the Carmelite Abbot in Mexico about the need for starting a Third Order for the Carmelites.

The Abbots name is Father Fray Juan at the Carmelite Monastery in Guadalajara, Mexico under Bishop Mark Anthony Pivarunas.

I have started this blog to be a resource on Carmelite Spirituality for possible interested Third Order Members and as a place of contact for those interested in the Third Order Carmelites.

I do not know if and when the Father Abbot in Mexico will start a Third Order but I do understand that part of the decision  will involve how much of an interest is generated by lay people.

So, that is the major reason I have founded this blog:  to gather those lay people interested in a Third Order of Carmelites and to generate interest.

I have a copy of WAY OF PERFECTION FOR THE LAITY by Rev. Father Kevin which contains the rules and duties of Third Order Carmelites which I plan to put online for those interested in becoming Third Order Carmelites.  This book of course is geared to the reform of St. Teresa of Avila of the discalced Carmelites.

On the website where I am Co-Administrator called Miserentissimus, Suzanne Kennedy is putting online another Carmelite book about the Third Order called Caremel's Call, a Manual for Tertiaries of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

I invite any one who is interested in Carmelite spirituality or the Third Order to please join Miserentissimus where under our Notes section we are placing several resources about Carmelite Spirituality.  Miserentissimus is specially devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and several Carmelites had this special devotion.


Please e-mail me your name, address and e-mail
if you are interested possibly/potentially in becoming
a Third Order Carmelite and I will add you to the list
we will be giving to Father Fray Juan who would be starting
the Third Order.


Denise Michelle

Note added May 5, 2009
I have just discovered that John Lane has already scanned in onto the internet a copy of
Way of Perfection for The Laity

I still plan to reprint this book; but in the meantime, those who may be interested in the Third Order of Carmelites or Carmelite Spirituality may read it at the link above.

Friday, May 1, 2009

In Memory of Fr. Vincent Bowes, Carmelite

In Memory of Fr. Vincent Bowes, Carmelite
April 20, 2009

Yesterday, across the world in Vienna I happened to stop into a St. Anne's. I met Fr. Vincent Bowes across the ocean about 12 years ago at another St. Anne's. 

Later I was in a St. Stephen's that had a large image of St. Therese. 

Fr. Bowes being a Carmelite of course had a devotion to St. Therese. Fr. Bowes died early yesterday Sunday morning in the Boston area. 

I put this blog up here so you may share any special memories you may have of him and to ask all of you for prayers for the repose of his soul. 

I know for myself it was always a comfort to know I had a priest nearby to go to confession to; and it was through Fr. Bowes I was able to make my First Nine Fridays to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

Yesterday on the day of his death I found the most beautiful image of the Sacred Heart at Stephensdom (St. Stephen's Basilica) in Vienna that I have posted here for all of you to enjoy. 

For myself who has gone through a split family and had to drive to a town near Boston all year where my children spent half their week with their dad who left us it was a great comfort to me to have Fr. Bowes nearby just a few miles from their house there; often I was able to stop by after dropping the children off and go to confession or take the children to confession to him before dropping them at their dad's. 

Father Bowes was very old and very ill and he had much patience for all of us as he knew how important it was in our time of need. It wasn't always easy for him; but he would even let all the children come in and use the bathroom where he lived sometimes. I thank him for that and for him always asking a friend of mine how I was doing during this huge trial of our family. 

When my oldest daughter entered middle school she was even closer to where Fr. Bowes lived... I just always believed that God arranged this all this way to help us through this hard time.. to have a traditional priest right there in our midst when we all had such a huge cross to carry. We were at Fr. Bowes highway exit at least two times a week; if not more with appointments (when you have five children you have many appointments). 

As well Fr. Bowes had a lovely outdoor stations of the cross where he lived where I often was able to take the children to as well. The last time I saw Fr. Bowes was when my dad was visiting and he was in the hospital. We brought my daughter Ana to see him also. Then he was too sick and couldn't handle having visitors except his closest companions.

I thank him for all he did for my family and all the encouragement he always gave to me when I would call in distress over this and that. 

As I left on my trip last week; the night before I dropped my children off and drove sort of aimlessly around where Fr. Bowes nursing home was; I had forgotten my map and couldn't find the road. I had one of those premonitions I would never see him again. I think God wanted me to remember Fr. Bowes how I had seen him the last time; perhaps a visit this close to the end would have been too much.
Thank you to our priests who help bring to us the good Lord who loves us. 

Thank you Fr. Bowes. 
We will miss you! 
Denise Michelle